Useful Downloads

Sample BombRisk assessment 

Each online preliminary UXO risk assessment (Bombrisk assessment) contains an introduction and sections covering methodology, search results, conclusions and recommendations. Where available, assessments also contain maps showing bombing density and recorded strikes on a 250m grid.

Download sample BombRisk Assessment (PDF)

BombRisk user guide

The user guide provides essential information about the automated online BombRisk assessment tool. It includes details about the content of an assessment, the methodology used and the recommendations. The user guide also contains the UXO risk mitigation guidelines drawn up by the Construction Industry Research & Information Association (CIRIA).

Download BombRisk user guide (PDF)

BombRisk brochure

The brochure provides a concise summary of the principal benefits of the BombRisk assessment.

Download BombRisk brochure (PDF)

A Guide For The Construction Industry


CIRIA C681. London, 2009. Unexploded ordnance (UXO). A guide for the construction industry (PDF)

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