UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE: Is your site at risk?

Do you need an INSTANT Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment?
21st Century approach to historical research for only £175 plus VAT 

  • Accurate Accurate Accurate Accurate Accurate

    Based on 19 Key Datasets, each assessment analyses over 100 regularly updated geospatial databases of UXO threats providing a comprehensive geo-referenced database of potential historical sources of UXO risk throughout the UK, including over 5,000 UXO risk mitigation projects and risk assessments completed in the UK by SafeLane Global. SafeLane Global’s accurate reporting supports better decision making and risk management for your project.

  • Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

    Delivered in conjunction with pioneering web mapping and spatial data technology the bespoke platform for the BombRisk report can assess the site’s location within the context of the geo-referenced database, instantly providing a preliminary assessment of potential UXO risk, which will be emailed to you. SafeLane Global’s instant preliminary risk assessment saves project research time; creating time to focus on critical project elements

  • Effective Effective Effective Effective Effective

    The accuracy and reliability of the data means that manual intervention by a UXO Specialist is not required. The report will be delivered instantly so you can make a quick and informed decision of the potential UXO risk on your site.
    SafeLane Global’s instant reporting reduces interpretation and evaluation time. It improves the credibility and quality of project risk management and proposes clear risk mitigation actions

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    Instant Preliminary UXO Risk assessment £175 + VAT
    This report is FREE if a SafeLane Global detailed UXO Risk assessment is subsequently recommended and purchased

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